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April 2017

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Each type of mortgage is different. Not only are they different in the down payment amount, but also different in the Mortgage Insurance Premiums, credit score requirements, and how appraisers do their jobs. They also have different maximums you're allowed to borrow. Since these numbers change every year, here's what's allowed in 2017. Keep in mind this is the amount borrowed, not necessarily the contract price.


Collin County, Dallas County, Denton County, Parker County, Tarrant County - $362,250
Cooke County - $275,665

Conventional and VA



Anything over $424,100

Remember, these are the basic loans. There's different standards for rehab loans, USDA (based on income), doctor/lawyer/professional loans, etc. Your

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I hear this on just about every single listing appointment I have: 'I think my house is worth X'. My first question following is always 'Why do you think it's worth that?'. The immediate answer is usually 'I've done my own research, and that's what I think it's worth.' That's when I know how the rest of this appointment is going to play out, and just another reason why Realtors are necessary even in an age of so much information.

Texas is a non-disclosure State. If you don't know what that is, pay attention.

The final amount a home sells for is not disclosed to third party websites in Texas. No matter how much you want to believe the appraisal district, tax rolls, or the dreaded unreliable Zillow, it's something you are unable to find on the

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