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There are reasons why contingent offers can sometimes be less appealing than offers which may not be as much money. A contingent offer comes with a whole new set of 'outs' for the buyer, and potential headaches for the seller. As I mentioned previously, moving the closing date can come at a cost, so having the sale of a house tied to the sale of another can cause issues.

The Domino Effect isn't some new theory. Everyone knows it. I had a situation in late 2016 where the domino effect came into play, and it wasn't good. My clients were selling a home and purchasing an inventory new construction home. Closing dates were set. This is where it gets hairy, so pay attention. The buyer of my clients home also had a house to sell. Their home was under

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If you've thought about buying a home, but maybe didn't have all the money you'd need to do so, there may be an alternative for you. There are down payment assistance grants available if you meet certain criteria, as well as special programs for Texas Heroes. This is all through the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation. You do have to be eligible for these programs, and not all will qualify.

Loans and Down Payment Assistance

TSAHC provides low, fixed-rate mortgage loans and home down payment assistance grants to help qualified home buyers purchase a home. These loans and home down payment assistance programs are available anywhere in Texas through a network of lenders and provide the following benefits:

  • A 30-year fixed interest rate
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As mentioned in a previous blog entry, the closing date is a deadline. It's the day the ownership of a property is conveyed from one owner to another. Extending the date can have a few financial consequences, however, so here's a few things to be aware of which may change if it happens.

Prepaid Interest

This is the one you buyers may be ok with. The further back in a month the closing date falls, the less prepaid interest one must bring to closing. Here's the kicker: as far as when your first mortgage payment is concerned, you finish out the month in which you close, then skip a month. The first payment isn't due until the following month. So while one may bring hardly any prepaid interest to closing by closing on March 31, the first payment would

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