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Buying a home is a wonderful and exciting time. It's one of the most rewarding parts of my job to tell a buyer they're going to be a homeowner. But as quickly as that joy comes, it can turn into a nightmare if one of any number of simple mistakes occur. There are numerous things you should avoid doing once you put a home under contract to avoid losing out on everything, and here's some of the key items.

Don't Make Any Major Purchases

I know it's tempting to see your dream refrigerator on sale while you're under contract, but making a large purchase is a no-no unless you do it with reserve cash. Any increase in credit card debt can cause your monthly payment to rise, which can throw your Debt To Income Ratio all out of whack. This could cause you to

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When an offer is made on a home, there is a are several specific dates in the contract to which attention is required. Option periods, financing approval, but there is also a day written into paragraph 9 called the Closing Date. Specifically, it says:

So what does that mean? It means that's not a suggested date, as some lenders and realtors seem to suggest. It's an 'on or before' date to which the contract cannot be extended without approval from both parties to the contract. This is often the subject of negotiation and, if you're the one making an offer on the home, you better know if your mortgage lender can meet that deadline before you submit the offer. It's no secret why I always suggest being fully approved before even going out looking for a

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For anyone who's a fan of the popular TV Series 'How I Met Your Mother', you might remember one of Barney Stinson's rules was 'New is Always Better'. In real estate, that can be true as well. Buying a new construction home certainly has its perks, as well as a few downsides, but i'm here to help guide you along the way in this process. It's not the same kind of process as buying a resale home. At the bottom of this blog, I also will have a link to a new construction version of the MLS, which is built right into my website.

On one hand, you are the first person to ever live in that home. Unless you were building what's called an 'inventory home', it was built for you, designed by you, and may have a few custom touches just for you. On the other hand,

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