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November 2016

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Sometimes it's not easy to know what's reality and what's not. How many times during this Presidential Election season did we see a meme about one of the candidate with a quote they never said? But that's how rumors and falsehoods get spread. Someone says it once, and keeps saying it, so it must be true, right? Not always.

The real estate industry is no different. There's plenty of falsehoods circulated around, usually by FSBO websites, buyers who research incorrectly, or sellers who think they know more about real estate than their realtor. Here's some of the top myths finally put to bed.

I'll Buy a Home On My Own So I Don't Have To Pay a Realtor

This is probably the biggest myth out there about the home buying process. As I explain in my video,

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Most showings take place while the sellers are still living in the home. If you've never bought a home before, or not in a while, you may not know the items bound to stay with the home per contracts, and what the sellers are legally allowed to take. Never fear, i'm here to the rescue.

Paragraph 2, Section B and C of the Contract (in Texas only) explain what is considered 'staying' with the home.

This doesn't include the fridge, washer and dryer, or the freestanding grills in the backyard, among else. But what if you want any of those? NEVER FEAR! There's an addendum called the 'Non-Realty Items Addendum' with which you can write in certain items not considered staying with the home you wish to keep. So if the sellers have a sweet couch and you

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